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Welcome to the Warrington Chapter of BNI

         Where Networking Really Works

This, the first Warrington BNI chapter was founded in 2000 and is one of the most successful in the region.

  • Well over 100 referrals passed every month

  • Over 30 People in the room to network with

  • 1,000s of business passed every Friday

  • Relaxed Atmosphere

  • Serious business with a sense of humour

Missing this business could seriously damage your wealth.

Under the rules of BNI only one member is allowed from each profession or market sector. By joining, you lock out your competition.

To check if your category is all ready represented, please check the members list.

Paddington House HotelThe Warrington Chapter of BNI meet every Friday morning at the :

The Village Hotel
110 Centre Park Square ,
Tel: 0844 980 8037

Directions To The Village Hotel

If you would like any Information about BNI or would like to attend a meeting as a visitor,

Please contact
Jamie Boyd
Email :
01925 202101